Video Motion Sound Communication

Overall, video’s combination of sensory engagement, emotional impact, and accessibility makes it a powerful medium for conveying messages, preserving memories, and achieving various business objectives.

For all your video needs, we have you covered!

A family videography business here to tell your story. We have a saying. “If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what video will do!”


We pride ourselves on capturing your day, all the emotion and feeling of the day immortalised in your very own mini-movie.

Business Promos

Helping your business stand out, providing videos that will give potential customers a reason to choose your company over a competitor.

Talking heads

A talking head video is a powerful way for businesses to communicate their brand, product or service to potential customers.

Real estate

Showcasing a property with video can take your potential buyer on a journey of temptation. As they view the property from the air and as a quality walkthrough, it can tip the scales for them to make that important viewing.


Sometime the message needs to be short and sweet, animation can be an affordable way to put your business message out there.

public events

When hosting a public event, so much time, effort and money goes into the public experiencing it. It is easy to forget that video can save it for future use. Making it possible to share on sites and social media platforms.

Labyrinth Mini Movies videography

From as little as £100

Whatever your video need, we have an affordable solution :

  • Animation videos from £150
  • Promotional videos from £220
  • Talking head videos from £349

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