Norfolk Coastline Road Closed After Large Crack Appears


A large crack appears in a small Norfolk coastal village, closing access to a quiet beach

Vale road is a small winding coast road, off the Cromer road as you enter Mundesley from Trimingham. This road has been a favourite way for locals and people in the know for years, as it quickly gives access to a relatively quiet stretch of beach.

My name is Paul, and my wife Racheal and I moved to Mundesley in April 2021. Our new home is on Collingwood drive, just a 7-8 minutes walk from the beach using Vale road. We have loved this short beach journey and have taken it so many times through the summer of 2021.

Video showing the Norfolk road falling away

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Yesterday this came in handy as in the night part of Vale road had started to collapse along the roadside and towards the beach. The local coast guard had the road closed off, and access to the beach from this route was now forbidden.

Aerial Photos of the Closed Road

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