Filming a Birthday for a Princess called Anastasia


Just about a week ago, my wife Racheal noticed a new event on social media called ‘Mega Tea Party for Anastasia’. It was to celebrate this courageous little girl’s 7th birthday, and we wanted to help somehow.

Anastasia has terminal cancer, and this is a big birthday celebration to prove her doctors wrong and last much longer than expected. You see, Anastasia can’t speak, eat normally, or walk now but understands everything that is going on.


Drag Queen visits Anastasia on her Birthday

Ariel visits Anastasia on her Birthday

DIPG attacks the brainstem and all of the crucial support for the body (like breathing and eating) but not the brain’s normal thinking, so she will appreciate everything fully though she might not be able to tell you in words.

So we came along to her special day and filmed lots of moments to remember, here are the mini-movies we made from the day.

Please feel free to visit and join their Facebook group.

Food and Dancing at Anastasia 7th Birthday Party

Kids playing at Anastasia 7th Birthday Party

Chararacters at Anastasia 7th Birthday Party

Wishing Anastasia a Happy 7th Birthday Party

More Dancing at Anastasia 7th Birthday Party

Friends Family Mum & Dad Speak with Anastasia 7th Birthday Party

Mums speech with Dad planting the tree for Anastasia's 7th Birthday Party

Child Friends Sing to Anastasia on her 7th Birthday Party

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