Top Gun Trailer – Jules Goldsmith is Maverick


It is almost one year to the day since Jules Goldsmith approached Labyrinth Mini Movies, asking us to produce a spoof film trailer for the 1980s Top Gun.

Jules is a long time fan of both Tom Cruise and the film Top Gun, it was her 40th birthday, and she wanted to celebrate the occasion by starring as Tom Cruise in this epic film trailer.

Our remake of the trailer

Original 1986 Top Gun trailer

In the beginning, I must admit that I didn’t believe we could create anything that would resemble the Top Gun trailer, but then the more we talked about it, the more ideas came into my mind as to how we would pull this off.

For this, to work we needed to use a green screen for effects, and as there were more than one character in the trailer, we needed the help of some of Jules friends.

We had the following cast:

Jules Goldsmith – Maverick
Mark Longman – Jester
Racheal Glenn – Charlie
Iceman – Paul Glenn
Mark Longman – Stinger
Keith Truman – Viper

We just loved the outtakes, they are so funny!

Top Gun outtakes scene one

Top Gun outtakes scene two

Top Gun outtakes scene three

Top Gun outtakes scene four

Top Gun outtakes scene five

Top Gun outtakes scene six

The whole experience was just fantastic and funny, with a sense of accomplishment at the end, especially as I edited it all together.

Hope you enjoy watching and remember, if you fancy bringing your friends or family together and remaking a classic film, Labyrinth Mini Movies are here to chat about that!

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