Filming a castle talking head, with drone footage, in a no-fly zone.


A few months back, Labyrinth Mini Movies filmed a talking-head video at the historical Tattershall Castle, part of the National Trust. To show them opening their grounds to the public, after the covid lockdown.

Challenge one.
Steve Tune was the guy by whom I was to film talking about Tattershall Castle opening their Gates again. Although Steve was a very confident man, he had never been filmed before, so was apprehensive about doing this.

Challenge two.
Tattershall Castle sits inside the area of RAF Coningsby, so it is illegal to fly a drone in this area without the correct permission. This is why up until this point, Tattershall Castle has never had any aerial photography or videography performed.

So let’s talk about ‘challenge one’, we have filmed many people talking about their business, processes, personal life and the challenge of confidence is always there. So we start by explaining to Steven that just like in the movies or on TV, we can take several attempts before landing on the perfect one.

From our experience, it usually takes between five and eight attempts to get that perfect take, and all the attempts before that are just good fun and learning moments, to land on it.

So let’s talk about Challenge two, initially, it is illegal to fly a drone so close to any Airport, but from our experience airports and Towers are very accommodating to businesses that truly want to adhere to the law. So we got in touch with RAF Coningsby, and after several correspondences explaining exactly what it was we wanted to do, we were granted permission.

So the day had a good ending, we filmed The talking head and captured some stunning photographs and video of Tattershall Castle.

Remember if you want to embrace video with your business and create professional videos, why not get in touch with Labyrinth Mini Movies. Alternatively, if you are looking for aerial photography or videography you know who to call.

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