Couples visiting Riddlesworth Hall Wedding Fair


So yesterday Labyrinth Mini Movies were showing off its wedding videography package to couples visiting Riddlesworth Hall Wedding Fair, organised by MJR Events.

It was a last-minute booking for us, but Mark managed to fit us in, the event was organised well, lots of other vendors attending so plenty of choice for those couples arriving.

I must say that every couple that came into the show was on a mission to understand each vendors offerings, they all spent time listening and discussing how their wedding would benefit from some of these services.

Videography offerings

Labyrinth Mini Movies offers wedding videography and managed to chat with many who were at different stages of planning. Some knew they needed their wedding filming so for them, it was about finding the perfect style. 

Others were on the fence and not sure if they wanted to invest in a wedding video, they already had their photographer, so felt a video was an expense they could live without. 

Our advice is having a good photographer is an absolute must and should be carefully booked and placed into your planning. 

Why you should consider a wedding video

Before a couple dismisses having a videographer, they must consider the time after their wedding. When the big day is over, the following weeks will be a steady come down, all those memories will be very fresh in their minds, then as they receive their photos, they get to relive the day and see their friends and family captured in still photos.

But without a video, all you have are the stills of the day, now as time passes, months and years, it becomes harder to remember those moments. The photos do a great job of jogging memories, but can they bring the emotion of the day back to life as it was when people were laughing, crying and talking?

We have a saying, “if a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what video can do!”. When we create a wedding movie, we have this in mind.

We aim to capture those special moments that the couple probably would not have seen on the day, helping them experience the ceremony and speeches back for years to come.

In one of the chapters we create, after the ceremony and one or two drinks later, we talk to some of the guests.

Asking them for messages for the bride and groom can be a real tear-jerker in years to come.

So before dismissing a wedding video, consider not being able to watch yourself back getting ready on the day, or arriving at your wedding location. Hearing those jokes from uncles, aunties, cousins, watching your nan wipe a tear from her eye as you say I do.


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