Joe & Lucy's wedding

Joe & Lucy would like to make a special thank you to auntie Sharon and uncle Simon, as these wedding videos were their gift given with love to last an forever.

On the 18th of June 2022, Joe and Lucy were married at Stickney church on Horbling Lane. They then celebrated with friends and family at Abbey Farm in Kirkstead, Woodhall Spa. It was a lovely day filming, and we did it slightly different to past weddings as Lucy wanted to capture as much spoken word in the clips as possible. We think they have come out great and hope you enjoy watching.

The Girls

The Boys

Joe and Lucy arriving


church photos

Vintage bus to Abbey Farm

Guests relaxing



singing waiters

Guests Arrive

cutting the cake

First dance

Dance floor

Elvis show

Teaser one

Teaser two

Highlight movie

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