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People Buy From People; We Have A Proven Process Which Guides You In Starring In Your Own Talking Head Videography Production.

Examples of Talking Heads we helped create

What is a talking head video?

A talking head video is a powerful way for businesses to communicate their brand, product or service to potential customers. The video can include the CEO talking about the companies mission statement, or a member of staff explaining how they help, alternatively, one of your customers giving a testimonial. It’s a great way to get personal even though the viewer is watching remotely.

From as little as £249

You don’t need to break the bank, in order to have a good quality talking head video for your business products or services.

Labyrinth Mini Movies has packages starting from £249, what you get can look something like this:

  • One hour video shoot at your location.
  • Before the shoot you get access to our script building tool to craft that perfect message.
  • 60 second professional promo video
  • Quick 7-14 day turnaround (often even quicker).

Increase Sales

Rise to the top

51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI (Return On Investment).

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Sixty-four percent of consumers purchase after watching branded social videos

We expect re-takes

try, try again

Do not feel worried that you will not be able to remember lines, or look the part.

We expect to film many takes, so relax and enjoy the journey, 

The ROI Experts

count on us

We have specifically priced our videography service at a level making it available to the smallest of budgets.

Technology has enabled us to remove many overhead costs, so we pass them onto our customers. 

Some common questions we get asked

Our price is for a 60 minute shoot, we find this enough to capture a well planned talking head.

Exceptions would be where you want a longer video or maybe you want us to capture other video material such as (B-Roll).

Do not worry if you want more time its only £50 per hour so will not break your budget.

When you start the process with us, we ask you to complete our script building form.

This proven system will make you think about your business in ways you may not have done in the past.

At the end of this form you will have a short, to the point script, that will talk to your customers pain points or needs.

Just like on profession TV, we use the script you created via our script building process, in our Teleprompter.

You simply read from the front of the camera, at a speed that is comfortable to you, we stop, pause, rewind until you perform that perfect take.

Just like in hollywood, we have the option for using ‘Green Screen’. This effect means that we can apply any picture or video behind you to set the mood of your video.

We do need a little bit more room to set this up, so a room with at least 3×4 meters should work.

Rest assured, our Green screen offer will not cost you any more than a normal shoot.

Good question, there are a few basic things we will need.

Power, our equipment will need access to mains power.

We will need enough room for us all to be in together with our equipment, at least 3×4 meters, bigger is better.

Quiet, we do not want to have any background noise so it should be away from other sounds. Also we do not want any echo, so think about whether the room you are wanting to film in has any echo.  

Yes we can but it depends, our equipment is not waterproof, so filming outside needs to be try, so think about the weather.

Also think about the light, it will need to be well lite, the good thing here is natural light can look amazing on camera.

Last is sound, the outside location needs to be in a quiet location, with no one running around us. 

Well if we are filming in a normal room or outside then it’s entirely up to you.

Think about the message you are communicating, dress to impress, but also it should reflect your overall message.

If you have opted to have our green screen  service you will not be able to wear green anywhere, our system will make all gree things invisible.

Not a problem, we believe that most people in the right setting will come across very well on camera with our techniques.

But for those who just can not face it, do not worry, we have many other filming methods so you can benefit from a professional video to promote your business.

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