Dog Mini Movies

Why Capture Your Dog in a Cinematic mini movie

Capturing your dog in a cinematic mini movie is a great way to show your dog’s personality and what they love. People love dogs because of their unconditional love and friendship, but dogs are rarely captured in cinematic videos. Fortunately, this is changing thanks to Labyrinth Mini Movies, tapping into our ability to create high-quality movies and showcase your dogs, immortalising them forever in video. Below you will find three examples which we recently filmed on Mundesley Beach.

Meet Penny

Why Invest in Capturing Your Dog's Personality on Video?

Capturing your pet’s personality on video is a way of preserving memories and it also enables you to share videos with your friends and family via social media or email.

With our professional video cameras, we have techniques that will make your pet’s video something special, no matter how they act on the day. It’s fun and easy to film your pet, and the mini movie is sure to provide endless entertainment.

Meet Said

What Makes for a Good Dog Video?

We met this lovely dog called ‘Said’, on the beach as she was being playful with her mummy, who named her after making a statement “I said I will get a dog”. Said had so much energy, it was a pleasure to film her.

We love filming dogs, they are never short of energy, always happy, and they’re always ready to play. I love capturing their adorable faces as they frolic with their owners on the beach.

Meet Daisy

This is a sad but perfect reason to capture your dog's special moments and memories

Her mummies best friend Marie contacted us about a week ago and told us she would love to buy a dog video shoot as a gift for her friend Julie.

Julie’s dog Daisy is eleven years old and was recently diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. The filming was planned for this afternoon, and Daisy had a great time on the beach here in Mundesley, with us filming her.

This mini-movie will provide memories of Daisy to last forever.

How does this work?

To capture the best video footage of your dog, we have to meet up where they love the most, where they play. We are based on the Norfolk coast, and we meet most of the dogs we film here. It is a great setting, and we have never met a dog or owner that did not like it.

At the moment, we have only filmed dogs on Mundesley beach, but have already received interest in us filming their dogs on other beaches. So we plan to arrange days where we can meet up with you and your canine friend.

As well as Mundesley very soon, you will be able to get a dog mini movie at the following beaches. Trimingham, Cromer, Sheringham, with possibly more to come.

If you are walking your dog down on the beach and you see our flag, say hello. If you would like your dog filmed, we do it right there and then, it will cost you £30, you will receive a link to watch and share your very own ‘dog mini movie’ within a couple of days.

Gift a mini movie

A mini movie makes a great gift

A mini movie video shoot makes a lovely gift for someone. It’s a perfect gift for a friend or relative who has a pet they would like immortalising in video or an upcoming event, such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday.

We have video shoots available you can choose from different packages, find the one that fits your need, and we will get in touch to arrange a date and time that suits you.

From as little as £30

We know that cost can be a barrier, so we created this very affordable starting package:

What you get for just £30

  • 15-minute video shoot
  • 3-4 minute cinematic mini movie
  • Online access to a shareable video link and file

*Please note that our £30 packages do not travel, this is for when Labyrinth Mini Movies is visiting one of the Norfolk beaches. See our 30-minute shoot if you desire your pet captured at another location.

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