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Why create a business promo?

Why should you consider having a promotional video made for your business? Because promotions work. In most cases, all a future customer or prospective client needs is that extra push to take that step and try your product or service. Studies have even shown that certain promotion videos, like offering coupons or discounts, can lead to a rise in oxytocin levels, making people happier and more likely to buy.

You probably already know how well this works with limited-time discounts – creating a promo video for your events or promotions just helps get the word out in a form that your followers want to see. People prefer watching videos from the brands they follow, as it makes information easy to digest and remember.

Promo videos are a fun and effective way to convey information that you need your audience to easily grasp. Think about all the advertisements you see during the lead up to holiday weekends from big brands promoting themselves. Or teaser trailers that perfectly capture the mood of a film and go viral, even with very little information about the plot.

In the same way, you can effectively use these videos to attract new customers and engage current visitors to come and check you out, especially if you’re trying to get attendees for an event etc..

From as little as £249

You don’t need to break the bank, in order to have a good quality promotional video for your businesses products or services.

Labyrinth Mini Movies has packages starting from £249, what you get can look something like this:

  • One hour video shoot at your location.
  • Before the shoot you get access to our script building tool to craft that perfect message.
  • 60 second professional promo video
  • Quick 7-14 day turnaround (often even quicker).

Travel Costs per shoot

We like to keep the cost as simple as possible, no one likes a surprise, but you know the saying, “time is money”. We offer our videography services across the entire UK, so this calculation covers that.

  • All travel within a 20-mile radius of our postcode NR118JB is free. 
  • For a shoot location exceeding 20-miles, you simply need to add £1.50 per mile.
  • Example: Shoot=100-miles from NR118JB, 20-miles free, £80 for remaining travel each way total travel is £240 for 200-miles.
  • The only addition to this is when the travel and shoot time exceed 12 hours, if this is the case we charge £100 for an overnight stay.

We use Artlist for music in our videos

We use Artlist’s catalog of stunning music for all our videos, with global licensing. Once you select a song for your video, with our subscription, it’s royalty-free to use forever.

We are happy to find the perfect music track for your video, but if you want to get creative, you can choose. Artlist has so many categories to chose from.

  • Mood: Ranging from Uplifting to Scary & Dark, we aimed to compile the least exhaustive list possible of distinct moods.
  • Video Theme: While this may sound a bit odd, you have to admit that a wedding film needs different music than a sports video. A track usually fits multiple themes, so don’t worry about over-filtering. This filter works best when paired with a Mood. Are you making a nature film about baby pandas (nature + happy, playful) or a cheetah on the hunt (nature + powerful, tense)?
  • Genre: In this basic search filter, you will find numerous styles like RockHip HopChildrenClassical and everything in between.
  • Instrument: If you’re looking for a song with a whistle, a Ukelele or an Acoustic Guitar, you’ll find plenty of options here.

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