We offer an affordable aerial roof inspection service

We offer a range of aerial services including photography, filming and inspection. All our pilots are fully licensed and ready to work for you.

We can help you with any type of media production need. Whether it’s a photographer, videographer or drone operator, we’ve got it covered for you.

Whether you need aerial photographs or to use our drones for inspections, we can handle any project you put forward. Our full-service drone photography includes aerial filming and drone inspection services.

Quick roof inspections

Saving you money by having a roof survey conducted by our drone, we are able to access areas that would normally require extensive scaffolding and manpower. Providing high-resolution pictures and video, highlighting issues much quicker than traditional inspection techniques.

Our drones give your teams of developers, councils, local authorities and planning an overall view of a site that would be impossible to achieve from ground level.

Drones reduce the risks of working at height and give clear cost savings for your business. Accessing hard to reach areas safely, quickly and efficiently.

Simple drone shoots

Whatever your drone needs, we have an affordable solution :

Unedited photos and or videos

  • 30-minute drone shoots at your location from £50.
  • If you like to edit, you get the footage there and then on a USB drive (£25.00 each)
  • Alternatively, we can provide full edits of videos & photos for you from £249 

Get in touch for a personal quote with no obligation,

*Additional 30 minutes of shoot time charged at £50

Travel Costs per shoot

We like to keep the cost as simple as possible, no one likes a surprise, but you know the saying, “time is money”. We offer our videography services across the entire UK, so this calculation covers that.

  • All travel within a 20-mile radius of our postcode NR118JB is free. 
  • For a shoot location exceeding 20-miles, you simply need to add £1.50 per mile.
  • Example: Shoot=100-miles from NR118JB, 20-miles free, £80 for remaining travel each way total travel is £240 for 200-miles.
  • The only addition to this is when the travel and shoot time exceed 12 hours, if this is the case we charge £100 for an overnight stay.

We pride ourselves in creating stunning, rich, aerial footage in both high-quality photos or 4k video, which can be used in both marketing and tourism. CAA approved with comprehensive commercial drone insurance. Aerial photography will bring a different dimension to your advertising providing a strong online presence.

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